Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 – Key dates and impact on supply chains

France is preparing to host two of the world´s largest sporting events this summer in Paris and several other French cities. The Summer Olympics and Paralympics will take place mainly in the capital from July 26 to September 8.

Hereby we would like to inform you of recent government and regional decisions and the increased logistical constraints that will affect our deliveries in the Paris region from July to September in connection with the Games.

Here are the impacts on transport and logistics:

  • The Olympic torch relay, the first part of these events, started in Marseille on May 8, 2024. It will pass through several cities until July 26, when it arrives in Paris. This passage will block access for goods deliveries and collections in the towns concerned. You can find details of the route by city here.
  • As most of the sporting events will be held in Paris between July 26 and September 8, an interactive map showing road blockages before, during and after the events is available here.

How can you limit the impact of these events on your supply chains?

DACHSER places customer satisfaction and delivery quality at the heart of its concerns. We are aware of the importance of our role in the efficient management of the flow of goods, transport, and distribution during this period. That's why we're already working to provide the best possible response to the transport and logistics demands that will accompany this event.

You can also help us:

  • Communicating with your suppliers and customers to ensure adequate stock levels and manage expectations.
  • Only plan essential volumes to the relevant destinations during the affected periods.
  • If necessary, increase your stocks before the first Parisian tests, with the aim of replenishing them between Monday August 12 and Tuesday August 27.

If you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch with your contact person at the DACHSER branch responsible for you.

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