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DACHSER Indonesia - the management

With the help of forward-thinking business concepts, DACHSER has, over the past decades, developed into one of the world’s leading logistics service providers. The company’s innovative power is based on the DACHSER Business Units, which form stable economic pillars and encompass the entire portfolio of logistics services, as well as the collaborative ethos of experienced executives.  

The executives share common basic values and goals and see it as their core mission to strengthen the group against future requirements and to drive the expansion of DACHSER. Their combined expertise and commitment to sustainable business practices guarantee the long-term profitability and future viability of DACHSER.

The structure of DACHSER’s Executive Board can be found on our corporate website.

Roman Mueller - Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific

Roman Mueller assumes the role of Managing Director for Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific (ASL APAC) at DACHSER from January 1, 2024. Since joining DACHSER in 2008, Mueller held various senior managerial positions at the logistics service provider such as Managing Director of ASL Korea and Head of Sales ASL APAC in which he demonstrated exceptional leadership as well as strategic vision. In his last role leading several key projects as Deputy Director ASL APAC since July 2021, he actively shaped the region’s strategic direction and achieved significant milestones in advancing DACHSER's presence in Asia. Mueller's ascent reflects exceptional leadership and strategic vision, emphasizing his dedication and forward-thinking approach. With more than 20 years of extensive experience in the Asian markets positions him perfectly to steer the ASL APAC business unit towards its next phase of growth.

Jesper Larsen - Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics South East Asia

Jesper Larsen took on the role of Managing Director for Air & Sea Logistics (ASL) in South East Asia in April 2022, with his operational base situated in Bangkok. Overseeing operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, Larsen brings over 20 years of industry experience to this position. Having collaborated with globally recognized logistics companies, he joined DACHSER in 2018 as the Managing Director of DACHSER ASL Hong Kong, where he successfully steered operations for three years. Leveraging his extensive background, Larsen now strategically directs the South East Asian region, demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

Mario Morich - Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Indonesia

Mario Morich, appointed as Managing Director of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics Indonesia in October 2023, embarked on his professional journey as a trainee in Germany through the company's work-study program in 2012. After completing the program, he supported the team in India before assuming key roles in Thailand and Malaysia. With a diverse background encompassing local Sales, regional Business Processes, controlling management, and Country management, Morich is now based in Jakarta. He is determined to strengthen the company’s footprint in this high-potential locale.